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Intern International Rollout (m/f/d)



Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2024


We are looking for you to strengthen our product team in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. At 1KOMMA5° we are building Europe's largest "one-stop-shop" for installation services in the field of renewable energies so that every household can live, heat and be mobile quickly and professionally in a climate-neutral manner. Become part of the energy revolution now and support us in transforming Europe's energy supply in a sustainable way. Because we are facing the greatest challenge of our time – the energy transition. In order to cope with this, you need real heroes - the heroes of the energy transition. At 1KOMMA5° we all pull together and do our best every day to achieve our goal. Would you like to tackle the energy revolution with us? Then apply now. We are looking for you to strengthen our product team. Be part of our mission!

Deine Position

You will work within the Product Team and your main area of focus will be to support the Global Rollout of our HEMS - Home Energy Management System Heartbeat (Australia, The Netherlands, Spain, etc).

You will be assigned responsibilities of owning various and very diverse tasks along the rollout this could be within:

  • Market Assessment:

    • Support on analyses of target markets (such as Australia, The Netherlands, Spain, etc.).
    • Support evaluation of consumer needs, regulatory frameworks, and competitive landscapes.
    • Identify potential challenges and opportunities specific to each region.
  • Coordination Projects with Tech Department:

    • Collaborate closely with the technical team to ensure seamless integration and deployment of HEMS.
    • Facilitate communication between product development, engineering, and implementation teams.
    • Address technical queries and troubleshoot any issues during the rollout.
  • Pilot Projects in New Countries:

    • Support on initiating pilot programs in the designated countries.
    • Monitor and assess the performance of HEMS in real-world scenarios.
    • Gather feedback from users and iterate on improvements.
  • Legal:

    • Support in navigating legal requirements and compliance standards in each target country.
    • Work with legal experts to ensure adherence to local regulations.
    • Draft contracts, agreements, and licensing terms as needed.
  • Reporting:

    • Develop comprehensive reports on project progress, milestones, and KPIs.
    • Present findings to stakeholders, including management and investors.
    • Use data-driven insights to refine strategies and optimize the rollout process.
  • Commercials & Marketing:

    • Collaborate with marketing teams to create awareness and promote HEMS.
    • Craft compelling messaging for different markets.
    • Explore pricing models, distribution channels, and promotional campaigns.

Dein Profil

  • Background:

    • You should hold a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as (International) Business, Renewables, Energy/Grid, Engineering, or related disciplines.
  • Technical Knowledge:

    • Proficiency in Home Energy Management and smart home technologies is preferred.
    • Familiarity with Energy Markets is advantageous.
  • Project Management:

    • Skilled in overseeing multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Ability to manage timelines, allocate resources, and set clear expectations.
    • Detail-oriented approach to project execution.
  • Communication:

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Experience working with diverse teams across international boundaries.
  • Adaptability:

    • Flexibility in adjusting to new cultures, practices, and work environments globally.
  • Problem-Solving:

    • Creative problem-solving abilities during project rollout.
    • Ability to navigate challenges and find innovative solutions.
  • Organizational Skills:

    • Efficient task management to meet project deadlines.
  • Social Skills:

    • Cross-Cultural Communication:
    • Adapt communication styles to respect and engage effectively with diverse cultural backgrounds.
    • Enhance global collaboration through effective communication.
  • Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Manage and align various stakeholder expectations.
    • Utilize empathetic communication and negotiation skills.
  • Team Collaboration:

    • Foster a cooperative team environment.
    • Leverage diverse strengths within the team.
    • Resolve conflicts to achieve common goals.


  • You will be part of a young, dynamic and highly motivated team with people who have proven that they can make things happen and move companies forward
  • With your work, you support the megatrend "energy and mobility transition" and make a concrete contribution to the sustainable transformation of our energy infrastructure
  • You are part of a fast growing company with a lot of development potential
  • You move in flat hierarchies and have direct contact with the managing directors as well as short decision-making paths
  • You will be welcomed by a young, close-knit and fast-growing team with an exciting task ahead
  • The results of your work are immediately recognizable and have a direct positive impact
  • You can build something independently and take responsibility
  • You can work remotely (Germany-wide), preferred locations are Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin or Munich
  • You create a healthy balance alongside your work and enjoy all the benefits of the EGYM Wellpass